Plexstar SFP+, DWDM SFP+

DWDM SFP+s (Small Form-factor Pluggable) are compact optical transceiver modules used in communications over fiber optic cables and are designed to support SONET/SDH, Gigabit/Fast Ethernet, and Fiber Channel communication standards over Plexstar DWDM products. Plexstar also manufactures compatible SFP+ transceivers which can be alternatives to those branded by Cisco, HP, and Juniper etc.


All SFP+s are available for 20, 40, 60 and 80 km fiber length and data rate up to 10G.

Made for DWDM116, DWDM116P

  • PLX-SD3-01-40, PLX-SD3-02-40, PLX-SD3-03-40, PLX-SD3-04-40
  • PLX-SD3-05-40, PLX-SD3-06-40, PLX-SD3-07-40, PLX-SD3-08-40
  • PLX-SD3-09-40, PLX-SD3-10-40, PLX-SD3-11-40, PLX-SD3-12-40
  • PLX-SD3-13-40, PLX-SD3-14-40, PLX-SD3-15-40, PLX-SD3-16-40

Made for DWDM116B-E, DWDM116B-W products

  • PLX-SXD3-01-40E, PLX-SXD3-02-40E, PLX-SXD3-03-40E, PLX-SXD3-04-40E
  • PLX-SXD3-05-40E, PLX-SXD3-06-40E, PLX-SXD3-07-40E, PLX-SXD3-08-40E
  • PLX-SXD3-09-40E, PLX-SXD3-10-40E, PLX-SXD3-11-40E, PLX-SXD3-12-40E
  • PLX-SXD3-13-40E, PLX-SXD3-14-40E, PLX-SXD3-15-40E, PLX-SXD3-16-40E
  • PLX-SXD3-01-40W, PLX-SXD3-02-40W, PLX-SXD3-03-40W, PLX-SXD3-04-40W
  • PLX-SXD3-05-40W, PLX-SXD3-06-40W, PLX-SXD3-07-40W, PLX-SXD3-08-40W
  • PLX-SXD3-09-40W, PLX-SXD3-10-40W, PLX-SXD3-11-40W, PLX-SXD3-12-40W
  • PLX-SXD3-13-40W, PLX-SXD3-14-40W, PLX-SXD3-15-40W, PLX-SXD3-16-40W