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Carrier Ethernet WDM/DWDM
Launched Plexstar XC1610

Plexstar lunched XC1610 offerings dual OC-48 and 8 OC-12 capabilities in a 1U box.  It contains 140G of non-blocking memory-based high-order cross connect and 20G low-order cross connect.  It consumes only 40 watts power.  XC1610 is a new addition to Plexstar’s transport network product family.

Telmar's 1603 (originally developed by Alcatel) vs Plexstar XC1600

Plexstar has conducted extensive interoperability and compatibility test of its ADM400 and XC1610 with Telmar’s 1603 SMX.  After reviewing the test results engineers have certified Plexstar products to be interoperable with Telmar’s 1603 series.  Plexstar ADM400, XC1600, and XC1610 can also replace a few Telmar products including 1603 series.

Plexstar WDM/DWDM

Plexstar has launched a series of WDM and DWDM products recently to cater for the rapidly expanding demand for cost effective data transmission capacities worldwide.

Plexstar WDM products are easy to deploy & operate and have very low life cycle costs. These also provide the flexibility of transmitting multi-protocol data i.e. in the form of 10G/40G/Ethernet, STM64, STM256, 10G Fiber Channel etc. through the same fiber.

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